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Pokémon Go for Android is updated without hardly relevant news

Pokémon Go

If yesterday knew that Niantic was preparing a possible event of Pokémon Go for Halloween day, today we have raised with a new update of the fashion game, that if will not offer us new features. And it is that as we have learned in an official way, since the new version is not yet available for download, the changes are minimal and none is relevant.

He design of them eggs according to the distance necessary so these hatch, an indicator of battery low, new icons of type of Pokemon to the list and some corrections of texts are them changes that us are going to find in this new version of the second game of Nintendo for devices mobile.

There is no doubt that developments are minor, although many have already started to spread the word that Niantic does not count all the innovations that we could find when you install the new version of Pokémon Go. According to some authoritative voices update could bring new changes, as well as something special related to the celebration of Halloween.

I sincerely believe that Niantic once more has decided to launch one smaller, barely unchanged update and that we will not see some of the new features that all have been waiting a long time. Not give you many turns, that in this new version of Pokémon Go there no more hidden and major changes will be on another occasion.

As I already said before, Pokemon update has not yet reached Google Play, something that should happen within a few hours, and also we can offer you the APK since at the moment no one has shared it still in the network of networks.

What changes would you like they were introduced in Pokémon Go in the next updates?.

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