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Pokemon Go offers packages with discounts at your store

Pokemon Go began his event Christmas makes some days and besides be giving incubators, is delivering more possibilities of capture to pokemon initial of the first generation and to creatures of the region Johto.

Now, Niantic has launched a new promotion for Pokémon Go players as a new year’s Eve celebration: a sale of packages that include multiple items at a low price.


In the store within the game can find boxes special, large and Ultra that brings a combination of pokebolas, incubators and incense. This offer has already started and will be available until December 30. Here are the prices:

  • Box Special: 10 Great Balls and 2 incubators-costs 250 coins.
  • Large box: 20 Great Balls, incense 2 & 4 incubators – costs 550 coins.
  • Box Ultra: 20 Ultra Balls, 25 incense and 6 incubators-costs 1500 coins.

When you finish this promotion will begin another that will run until January 3. In this are you can buy boxes bronze, silver and gold that will include elements as incense, modules bait, pokebolas and more. They will later reveal details about the prices.

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