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Pokémon Go will include 100 new creatures in December

Pokémon Go

Recently finally reached Ditto, the most peculiar Pokémon of the first saga, Pokémon GO. But already played to give a review of the most popular mobile game of the past years, Niantic has put hands to work and announces to arrive around a hundred new creatures in the game update in December. We don’t know how much mystery or reality there is in these new indications, we have clear is that it can be a breath of fresh air to a game of augmented reality that seems “more dead that I live”, and is the fury by Pokémon Go left behind, far behind.

But if it is important now that we know that Pokemon Sun and Moon is still a real success in sales, catapulting a 361% sales of the Nintendo 3DS. In short, we don’t have details about the 100 new Pokémon that Niantic to be included in this second edition of creatures, although we imagine that they will begin to appear the second generation models, since the vast majority of the citations so far are from the first generation.

In addition, rumors suggest that it would finally include the battles between actual players, however, this seems much more complicated, because it would be an aspect that really would make difficult the sale of normal games, or at least make him an important competition.

ultimately, is shortly to get Niantic started to gradually increase the number of Pokémon available at Pokémon Go, something that already promised in his day, but that seems to come quite late, being honest, Pokémon Go has no bellows which before had, fashion has gone hopelessly, through what will have to settle for this update more trapped users into the world of these special creatures. Nothing like our old Game Boy and Pokémon red.

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