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Pokémon Sól and moon pushed sales of Nintendo 3DS by 361%


Pokemon is always a topic of conversation to each of its new products, could not be otherwise, is a saga that remains impassive with the passage of the years. In addition, Nintendo has been able to work very well with her, introducing changes to account drops, in such a way that it keeps awake the interest of users without losing the essence of the saga. The reality is that Pokemon Sun and moon has been one of them changes more important of the team of Nintendo to the respect, however, there is “damage” collateral, and is that them sales of Nintendo 3DS have grown a 361% since the launch of the last game of the franchise Pokemon.

The game has suffered changes to level graphic and of gameplay that have harvested a few critical spectacular, not could be less, and is that the game is pure honey. On the other hand, not are erring, a 361% is what have grown them sales of the console portable of Nintendo, makes a week is sold infinitely less, and why are speaking certainly any of an of them consoles more sold of the history, since the Nintendo 3DS is all a success thanks to its quality, durability and entertainment. Nintendo continues being the Queen of the consoles portable from Game Boy.

In Japan is have come nothing less that 1.9 million of cartridges of Pokemon Sun and moon, only during the day of the launch, by what can expect many more sales, as soon as comes the season of Christmas, safe that Pokemon Sun and moon will fill them shelves of them centers commercial. In short, has been also a record week for the Nintendo 3DS, which has reached more than 100 million games sold, stop that have only achieved two consoles of draught without equal, as Sony’s PlayStation 2 and the predecessor of the laptop in question, the Nintendo DS.

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