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Polar M200, another specializing in the running clock


Polar returns to the fray. One of the companies specialized in fitness monitoring with more fame around the world. It thus presents Polar M200, a watch with GPS created primarily for lovers of the run. Polar is ever characterized by creating functional devices, little dice to be used by people who only do sport routinely, without more intent than the keep in shape. These devices tend to have a more focused design resistance which to walk them, although this Polar M200 passes quite unnoticed if compared with other devices of the company. We tell you everything you need to know about the Polar M200, new focus to running Polar clock

We must advérti, watch is not prepared to notify you crap, or to wear it. You can give your health statistics, will vibrate to notify you of any important messages, and even warn you of calls, but nothing more. It does not have specific applications, beyond which you install on your mobile device to store all the statistics that will be offering us this Polar M200. It is practically a fitness without more, tracking device screen is minimal and has two basic colors.

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In addition, it has built-in GPS, to follow places and distances we have travelled. In the rear is equipped with a sensor of frequent heart of high quality. Thus, Polar M200 count calories burned, steps, time and the quality of our dream and our heart rate. Lacking other options, we have no less than six days. For lovers of design, however, Polar presented in five different colors, black, red, white, turquoise and yellow, for all tastes. Device will depart from €150 in major retailers, such as Amazon and El Corte Inglés.

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