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Possible blue, dark grey 7 iPhone iPhone 7


Rumors about the new iPhone 7 keep coming to the net and it seems that they will give in the following weeks. Now the center of attention no longer seems to be in if it will or not take the jack of 3.5 for the headphone connection or if you mount or not new port USB C, rumors now focus again on device color star of Apple.

And is that a few days ago we saw a rumor that spoke of the blue (Deep blue) how possible new color of the terminal from the guys at Cupertino and this week started with another rumor about colors, but this time it is the space to pull black grey.

This new rumor or leak on the new color of the iPhone 7, comes directly from the average Mac Otakara, which ensures that this will be much darker than the current model of spatial gray Apple. Note that Apple already modified this color in your day with the iPhone 5 is that passing a sharp object from the back of the iPhone or with the passage of time and use, the color of the back marked with ease and changed the color to this gray space less black on the iPhone 5S.

We are at the gates of the summer, in just three days we will be packed in summer and rumours about the color of the iPhone do not stop in the network. We have not clear that the new rumor is true and also nobody will us to deny, so he will play follow different rumors up to September where it will officially be confirmed or all desmentir√°.

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