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Prepare a new iPad’s 10.5 inch focused to the sector student

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A few days ago we mentioned the possibility that Apple included a fourth product in its iPad range, this product would be a 10.5 inch iPad, an intermediate size between the two that are currently available on the Apple Store but who perhaps would not be a sufficiently drastic change to justify its appearance and its maintenance. However, according to the latest leaks, begins to charge sense this size and their features, as with an approach more practical directed to the sector professional and to the educational, can grow them sales. However, perhaps we end up seeing it as little or less than giant 12.9 inch iPad.

He team of DigiTimes says have information privileged about the new iPad that Apple is weighing launch during them months of April and March of the year next, and is that this iPad would have a size of 10.5 inch, something never before seen in the company of Cupertino, that would include technologies AMOLED u OLED by first time in the screen of a device large of Apple We recall that Apple Watch screen includes LED technology to maximize development in too much natural lighting conditions. This is what has been reported DigiTimes:

Apple is going to launch an iPad of 10.5 inches because them tablets of 10 inches is are making popular in the sector educational and business along all United States of America. Exists an iPad’s 9.7 inches, but seems to be too small, to the same time that the iPad of 12.9 inches seems too expensive for this type of users.

While the iPad’s 9.7 not has competition with regard to devices Android, the reality is that them tablets more small tend to be territory Android. The problem is that Apple has never been a company too given the fragmentation of its products, and recent years are becoming a host of them.

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