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Prior registration of Super Mario Run Google Play store is now available

Mario is one of them characters more mythical of the history of them video games and is the first of them more famous of Nintendo that is passes by it mobile to show who is the real King in them platforms. Although it has received criticisms in iOS, is a character that will always have your one and that has managed to beat all records of Apple’s App Store in days.

And from today itself, after be waiting when could go weary the arrival of this great game to Android, can already register you to Super Mario Run in the Google Play Store. All an arrival that can miss days or weeks for a Nintendo that put his first foot on a category of the endless runner who is always limited by its particular way of understanding a game.

Nintendo has understood that this category of the endless runner is the best way to put your great Mario at the scene of the mobile. A Mario that keeps on running and jumping and that it runs through all those worlds that are complete if one pass per case to pay the 10 euros it costs in iOS.

Super Mario Run

Will have that see the cost in Android, because from it own page in the Google Play Store still not is knows of form short the price of Super Mario Run.

A game that stands out ways for connoisseurs and for many others who were waiting for a Super Mario World or something in the style, is simply a failure of Nintendo. He made if only that Mario is jumping by a video game in it mobile, when Nintendo not had nor the mere idea of approach to Link or to the prota of the great mustache, is already something well positive and that can bring can get more characters as the mentioned of the mythical Zelda.

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