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Prism now supports videos in iOS and the offline mode comes to Android

Subsequent to the release of Prism, the application that turns your photos into real works of art by applying neural network and learning deep, we are talking about a similar proposal for videos, cosiness, a novel alternative which apparently is no longer necessary to speak.

Recently, Prism was updated on iOS with support for videos of up to 15 seconds, and can apply at least nine different styles. Our videos will look like a painting in motion which is processed completely out of line.

The video processing is carried out on the phone, just like photographs, support so far only available in iOS. The most recent version of Prism for Android can already apply styles to images without the need for an internet connection, preparing for the eventual arrival of support for videos.

It should be mentioned that the processing of images and videos without internet connection may take more time, which is understandable. In addition, not all the styles may be available, as they are dimmed in grey. The list of available styles would increase at each update.

An excellent news for users of Prism is that its creators prepare support for animated GIFS. Perhaps it would be better if the videos that we transform into works of art could be exported in this format, then share them in our social networks without major drawback.

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