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Project NEON is the update to Windows 10 that will improve the user interface

Windows 10

During the latest versions that Microsoft has released to the market, we have seen a pretty good evolution in the user interface, interface that allows us to interact more easily without having to go browsing through the menus, which in many cases are a problem for users. The guys at Microsoft continue to improve each new version released. According to new information Project NEON the raerá improvements both in the design and user interface, as well as some troubleshooting tips in designing head leading developers.

The idea of Microsoft Projet Neon is that all the applications available for Windows 10 ecosystem, offer us a look similar in all versions, so avoid that each version and application begin to create a fragmentation at UWP, as currently each developed has the option of choosing different designs offering a result that only thing it does is confuse users Since the menus and options are not always the same place of the screen.

In this way, Microsoft wants to establish a fixed for all developers bases, guidelines that should be followed to raja table to improve the interface of the applications of the users. Project NEON is scheduled arrival at the market in the hands of Redstone, an update that would come in the autumn of the coming year, after Creators Update an update that will arrive in March, and that many users are already testing through the Insider program.

Microsoft continues to focus on improving its 10 operating system Windows, the operating system that gradually is becoming the most widely used worldwide, although Windows 7 is still planting battle today, especially on computers that not took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 free update that was available during the first year of this release.

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