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Qualcomm and Leap Motion join forces in the field of virtual reality


Much is the land that we have yet to go to ensure that virtual reality ceases to be a paradigm and becomes something much more tangible, especially for the majority of the population. To get to this point many are investigations and developments to be achieved even though, thanks to the agreement reached by Leap Motion and Qualcomm , this seems a little closer.

Within the agreement, both Leap Motion as Qualcomm merged the technologies that have completely independently developed to date in a single product, talk about positioning and tracking of Qualcomm technologies as well as technologies that allow tracking of hands developed by the own Leap Motion. Thanks to this union, will be a new platform capable of getting that a user can interact with the virtual reality of a much more natural way.

The union of Leap Motion and Qualcomm will develop a new way to interact with the virtual reality much more natural.

Without a doubt, thanks to this union of forces is achieved, at the same time, further support the great evolution and all the possibilities offered by a processor such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, same that will be used as a basis in this new platform and that it will offer a new form of understanding the virtual reality and above all how to interact with it aside from that whole series of stick , buttons and controls for those who have chosen brands like Google, Samsung or HTC.

As reviewed Tim Leland, Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies Inc.:

Interfaces of natural users such as the movements of hands will help consumers to interact in a much more intuitive way with virtual reality. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 was designed to combine six degrees of follow-up, high rates of FPS content VR, audio graphic and reverse renderizamiento in real-time 3D.

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