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Qualcomm and Samsung already work on the S9 Galaxy

It’s been literally years since the last news of speculation around the inevitable S9 Galaxy. But now, while Samsung is even the glories of his forceful new terminal, has emerged the first consistent report pointing to the development of the successor of this smartphone.

A report from the guys at The Investor ensures that the South Korean has started activities with people from Qualcomm for the development of the processor that will contain your S9 Galaxy, and for the moment is known as Snapdragon 845.

The development of processor would be in early stages and is not yet decided who will be in charge of making it, but so far the list would be reduced to two contenders: the own Samsung and TSMC.

Snapdragon 845 would be based on the evolution of Galaxy S8 implemented technology, so that it would be 10% faster and spend 15% less energy than the current one.

If true the S9 Galaxy would be very fast.

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