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Qualcomm buys from NXP Semiconductors by $ 47 billion

Since the days when NFC technology was shown as the most revolutionary of the mobile industry, unheard talk big of NXP Semiconductors. But it turns out that the company has been very active in other areas and Qualcomm has just closed a historic deal to buy it.

In accordance with a report to investors of them own boys of NXP, it company just of close an agreement of buy with Qualcomm by the obscene sum of USD $47 thousand million in effective pure, making is so in the transaction more large of its class for it industry of them Semiconductor.

At a cost of USD $110 per share, plus 11% further on its value, the original investors of NXP did not have much point of objection against the proposed price to close the business. What also speaks of the determination of Qualcomm to achieve this transaction.

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As we know, Qualcomm is a leader in its sector in the development of chips for smart phones, while NXP has specialized for years in the development of hardware for entertainment systems in automobiles, autonomous car components and devices for the Internet of things (IoT).

Taking into account the background of both companies, it seems that the meaning of this acquisition is obvious, with Qualcomm strengthening your domain area, while it expands its ability to foray into new markets that apparently take off completely in the future.

Better them, otherwise they will have pulled away a large amount of money.

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