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Qualcomm introduces its Virtual reality platform: Snapdragon VR820

Qualcomm does not want to stay out of the carriage of virtual reality – technically already they are in some phones and IFA 2016 presented his new virtual reality helmet type “all-in-one” you don’t need to either a cell phone or a computer (via Tom’s Hardware and The Verge).

The town is built on the Snapdragon VR820 processor, which as its name suggests, is a variation of the Snapdragon 820 chip for phones but optimized specifically for virtual reality. The platform shown at IFA was developed in conjunction with the Chinese firm Goertek and includes a pair of eye-tracking cameras and other “outer” pair to register the movements of the head.

There will also be a gyroscope and accelerometer; then, Interior screens for each eye reach resolutions of 1440 x 1440 pixels to 70 Hz. To compare, Oculus Rift has 1080 x 1200 resolution in each eye, but to a range of more than 90 Hz refresh.

What Qualcomm showed more than a finished product, is a platform with a reference model. The Qualcomm idea is that other companies are interested in the Snapdragon VR820 and develop their own helmets based on the Snapdragon VR820 that will be ready during the last quarter of 2016 and that shouldn’t happen long before that begin to appear final versions.

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