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Qualcomm launched new 1100 Snapdragon chip for wearables

The company Qualcomm, one of the largest manufacturers of processors for mobile today, has just launched the new Snapdragon Wear 1100, the new commitment to the sector of the wearables small which was officially presented at the exhibition Computex in Taipei, Taiwan.

qualcomm sna

With this new processor Americans looking for work in simpler devices such as current physical activity monitors, rather than the smart watches. The Snapdragon 1100 will feature connectivity LTE / 3G, as well as integrating Bluetooth and Wi Fi and its applications are based on the Linuxoperating system. System will integrate a power saving mode and in addition will include technology location Qualcomm “Izat”, which offers improved energy efficiency.

The company said that the main purpose for the launch of this chip is is aimed at the next generation of wearables, which will come with smaller size, greater autonomy and more sensors according to the new demands of consumers.

The Chip is now available and Qualcomm hopes that soon the manufacturers interested in launching new devices with an integrated Snapdragon Wear 1100.

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