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Qualcomm promises that his new processor will make you get better photos

The world of mobile technology enthusiasts are well aware of the almost absolute power, exerted by Qualcomm with their Snapdragon processors through different devices over the years.

This time, shortly after the launch of their new “toy”, the 835 Snapdragon which will debut with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Qualcomm promises that this device will help that your photos will be better thanks to the chip.

According to Android Authority information, optical and digital zoom will be substantially improved thanks to this SoC, because it will help the granularity of the photos with increase decrease unless you realize. Without going any further, Qualcomm are so confident that they promise “Lossless” quality.

Another promises lie in that all the teams who use them may have an autofocus as fast as the one that enjoys the Galaxy S7, for example, since the chip uses dual photodiode mechanism.

Finally, have teams equipped with dual cameras, one of them being monochromatic, achieve more actual than ever colors since the processor is capable of capturing the full RGB Spectrum.

The latter can give us an indication that some brands are prepared to employ the dual cameras that comes using Huawei from P9, suggest that some of this company using a Qualcomm processor is very complex, given the proud who are their processor Kirin.

Probably on March 29, where we see the debut of the first team with Snapdragon 835 and we can demonstrate what is really capable this new processor.

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