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Rainbox Six: Siege will be free this weekend

Ubisoft remains in his campaign to go more popularizing even the most striking infiltration tactics cooperative game of recent years. Are not talking about another game than Rainbox Six: Siege, the fantastic MPFPS that has attracted a host of players from around the world and which has already been free some other weekend, as previously happened in November of the year 2016. A new way to advertise the game which has been quite effective and that could increase sales of the expansion Operation Velvet Shell for which year two season pass must be purchased.

Ubisoft is certainly employed a rather peculiar expansion technique with Ranibow Six: Siege, since continues to draw you out of the game, as if their development had no end. The reality is that it is a peculiar way of exploiting the MPFPS, and it is working, and is that those who are fond of this game of infiltration tactics, are hardly public games as Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, and is the title of Activision’s happening quite unnoticed, above all because Battlefield 1 have eaten you enough ground.

Ultimately, the game will be available for free from today, February two, until five of February of this year 2017. As it could not be otherwise, will be available on all platforms, This includes PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You must go to your usual download store and get it, so get the most possible these three free days to decide if it worth or not to acquire a game which takes approximately two years in the market, but which continues to gain adherents for its addictive technique.

We will keep you informed in future video games to become free for a weekend with the intention that users take advantage of its test mode.

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