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Ramsee, a metal safety guard


Robotics new fields becomes increasingly day by day, on this occasion I would like to present you the latest development presented by the company Gamma 2 Robotics, a product dubbed Ramsee has been developed taking into account the work that today make day all those people who are engaged in the work of security guards. Certainly a new step forward in the world of Robotics that, once again, shows its huge capabilities.

Entered a little more in detail, according to the company responsible for the development of the Ramsee, account apparently the robot is capable of patrolling warehouses or large complexes during the hours in which there are no staff working well either at night or in areas where humans have restricted access such as the case of Bank vaults , dangerous areas of department stores or server deployments.

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For this Ramsee is equipped with a complex autonomous system which is capable of creating site maps to Yes have patrol patterns. So these patterns do not recur, in turn, has been endowed with a series of sensors that is able to avoid obstacles as well as night vision so that, through a series of infrared, be able to work without the need for lighting. As a final detail, let know you that in his head now appears a camera capable of recording video in 360 degrees as well as an internet connection to be able to transmit real-time video or any type of safety alert.

At the moment the price is unknown to which Ramsee hit the market, according to its creators, the same shall be less than spending posed for a company to hire a security company or a person so that it engages in practice this task.

More information: Gamma 2 Robotics

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