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Razer comes to the business of them smarpthones and buy to Nextbit

Remember the Nextbit Robin? the first smartphone with a system of functions based entirely in the cloud, which was launched at the beginning of 2016 and caused some noise, not enough to register as the favourite among Android users, but less if the minimum necessary to Razer decided to buy the company.

Through a press release on the official site of Razer official has become the acquisition of the company. Under a trade agreement in which the manufacturer of peripherals distribution shall be the owner of the majority of the assets of the company mobile, but will be maintained with freedom to operate with his fixed plans prior to purchase.

Meanwhile, Tom Moss, co-founder and CEO of Nextbit Systems Inc. justified acceptance of the purchase as a way to expand its presence in the market:

To get to a public more broad and continue our mission, decided to join us to a brand more large, have luck of have found a company as Razer that shares our value of push the limits of what our devices can do.

While Moss firm maintains its stance that everything will remain the same, the first changes have already been made feel, with the cessation of business activities of Nextbit sale, and trimming the scope of warranty only the next six months.

The amount by which was carried out the acquisition, but apparently Razer could have big plans for the company is not known.

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