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Removes any password preventing you to access the contents of a PDF


If you need to consult any information or document, one of the most common formats that exist today is the PDF thanks to, among other things that already can be read directly from any web browser, supposedly cannot be modified, and in addition, many office programs already allow you to export them in a very simple way.

The negative part of files in PDF format is that, sometimes, when you try to open them you meet that these have been protected by password and, unfortunately, you do not have this password so you can not have access to that information, at least in principle. This is precisely what happened to me to my these days but, thankfully, there are very simple ways to avoid this restriction.

Remove the password from a PDF making use of a web service as I Love PDF.

If you need to access the information that contains one of these files and do not know your password, well because you do not remember or directly because they have never provided it you can unlock them using just a web service that has been created to unlock the PDFs. Contrary to what you can imagine there are many of these web services on the network so that, as I said, is very simple to get access.

We have a concrete example I Love PDF, a service in which you will only have to upload the document in particular, removes the password and then offers us the opportunity to download it again without this restriction of access. As part negative, comment you that this class of services not are or much less ‘the panacea‘, i.e., on occasions and depending on the level of encryption that is has applied to the document, not will be possible unlock it using this type of methods.

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