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Report: 70 percent of Galaxy Note 7 users will continue with Samsung

In recent months we have witnessed the way that the situation with the Galaxy Note 7, for the largest Samsung fail Wayerless has evolved. The explosive problem apparently caused by a defect in the battery has caused billions of dollars losses for the company and the damage to customers forced to the maximum leader to apologize is with them. All a Korean drama.

However, not everything is so terrible for the manufacturer, as the firm BayStreet (via FierceWireless) believed that “the vast majority [of users] shall remain with Samsung and probably choose a Galaxy S7 as an alternative”, i.e. 70% of users will continue to rely on the South Korean manufacturer for their loyalty towards the brand Galaxy Note.

Something to consider is how many of the affected users will leave the Android operating system to replace it with iOS, since the Galaxy Note customers are “aspirational and they value the premium brands, and therefore the iPhone could be certainly of interest for them”, says the report, as well as predict that 15% of those affected will change to the Galaxy Note by an iPhone meaning “an increase of 200 to 300 thousand iPhone sales” in the fourth quarter of 2016.

El famoso Galaxy Note 7 de Samsung.The famous Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung.

However, since the line Galaxy Note users are among the most loyal of Samsung, clients many continue to be with her. In addition, in the last quarter of 2016 it would have sold 10 million Galaxy Note 7, “a fraction of the 80 or 90 million phones that we believe would sell [Samsung] in total”. BayStreet believes that “some of the sales potential of the Note 7 shall be replaced by the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge”.

It is worth mentioning the strength of Samsung financially, because speaks of USD$ 70 billion in reserves of cash. The rapid response of the South Korean manufacturer to the explosive Galaxy Note 7 problem will help to overcome financial short-term pain. If anything, history has proven it is that “companies that act quickly to deal with the problems of technology are able to recover”.

Exaggeration is widespread in the media “sobredramatizando the implications in the long term for Samsung”, says the report, and perhaps this is the only time that speaks positively about the future of the South Korean manufacturer and the Galaxy line Note.

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