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Report of status of forest fires in Chile mobile telephony

According to the official report by SUBTEL, headed by Undersecretary Rodrigo Ramirez, this is the State of mobile services to the 2o:00 of January 26.

Within the VI O’Higgins Region, Marchihue presents company Movistar services involvement in 1 point 12 in place. Services in Pichilemu were reestablished and the rest of the region presents no problems.

In regards to the seventh Region of Maule, Constitution is affected by 17 points, corresponding to WOM 1, 14 to Entel and 2 to Movistar. In Empedrado there are 8 hotspots, corresponding 1-WOM, Entel 4 and 3 to Movistar. San Javier, Villa Alegre, Parral and Colbun presented affectations in 4 points for Entel, while San Clemente has 1 point affected 2 points of the same company, Movistar and geese plus 1 Claro.

To VIII of the Bío Bío Region, conception presented involvement of the service in 3 points corresponding to Entel. Cabrero, San Carlos, Florida and Penco are involvement of service at 2 points each, all corresponding to Entel. Other towns such as Santa Barbara, San Fabián, Talcahuano, Tome and San Pedro de La Paz are a point of involvement, in all cases being Entel service.

We will expand as SUBTEL go reporting.

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