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Researchers promise much more efficient vehicles thanks to Graphene

mayor eficiencia para tu motor gracias al grafeno

A team of researchers at the University of Manchester has just published a paper where we talk about the development of a new device based on Graphene which, apparently, is able to significantly increase the energy efficiency of any vehicle that uses fossil fuel to move. Basically we are talking about a much more sensitive ballistic new generation rectifier to those present in the market.

To situate ourselves a little, let know you that a ballistic rectifier which makes basically is convert the heat produced certain parts of the car, such as the collectors of the exhaust system, into usable electric current, electricity that can be used to power air conditioning for example or to be stored directly on the battery. According to scientists, this time your device is particularly efficient due to the properties drivers having Graphene and which in turn allow a high mobility of electrons.

According to the article published by the team responsible for the project, apparently, thanks to Graphene today we can talk more sensitive ballistic rectifier at room temperature that has been manufactured to date. According to Greg Auton, one of the principal authors of the experiment:

Unlike conventional diodes or rectifiers, ballistic rectifier has no threshold voltage, so it is perfect for the optacion of energy, as well as the microwave and infrared detection.

As detail, let know you that currently the most efficient combustion engines are able to convert up to 70% of the energy that is produced by burning fuel into electricity to get feed to electrical systems. Unfortunately the rest of the energy is wasted through the exhaust and cooling systems, something that could largely be solved with this type of device.

More information: University of Manchester

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