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Researchers prove that release patterns are not safe

From makes a couple of years is comes speaking of the vulnerability of them patterns of lock of Android, and now arises a new research that comes to mark them problems that of this alternative of protection for them smarpthones, since them odds of guess the sequence of any terminal would be quite high.

A group of researchers from the University of Lancaster, with the support of Chinese colleagues, developed an algorithm capable of executing multiple sequences of release on Android devices, to end guessing the secret opening sequence in 95% of the smartphones targeted in a maximum of five attempts.

“Attack method” developed by researchers part of recording a distance from a video showing their smarpthones owners apply pattern release from an angle that is not fully visible, starting there was applied the algorithm of analysis, which evaluated the hand movements to decipher the movement applied.

215 different users applied 120 different patterns to release its Android, and in 95% of cases algorithm was able to guess the pattern before the five attempts.

Another interesting point is that they found that more complex patterns would also be the easiest to break under this technique, with 97.5% being adivinados at the first attempt.

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