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Resident Evil 7 wins applause from users despite the “short” duration

We have been waiting for since June of last year. Trailers and demo did not leave indifferent anybody, and it is that Resident Evil and its brand new series finally returned to “survival horror” through the front door. However, the franchise has shown be away from dying, Capcom it has returned to do and the game is reaping some critical fantastic beyond by where pisa. Let’s take a look at the comments collected by the specialised press in videogames and our first impressions after taking a look at Resident Evil VII. Because it is never late if the zombie is good, few days before the release of the new film in cinemas.

The presentation seems to paddling on the same side, we will pick up some of the first impressions that the game has left in the specialised press.

Resident Evil 7 is a good game and, in case outside little, also meets finally lto yet another promise to come back to the roots. best of all? What I liked most is the sense of balance that transmits – 3D games (8.5/10 score)

It seems that if we finally return to the roots, but we did not stay here, we will visit the environment where our former fellow Pablo Ortega normally work.

Following in the footsteps of other games of fear, adopts the perspective of first person to give a new twist to the formula. It will continue to remain combat, puzzles and other classical elements of Resident Evil resolution – Vandal (8.5/10 score)

But we are also interested in knowing what you think the village, pore that we are going to lead to a more democratic as Metacriticmeans, and take a look at the first views of the hardcore gamers.

The best Resident Evil 4, currently pretty scary and options and gameplay play a big role. It’s a must game for any lover of the saga – Hagato (7.4 average rating)

In short, everything points to the success of Resident Evil 7 and us has left us spectacular sensations. Now wait for the short film which will be in cinemas on February 3.

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