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Review BLU Studio XL 2 [W Labs]

This is kind of an aircraft carrier! That was my first reaction to see BLU Studio XL 2, a phone with a screen so big that I feel that it could use tray for breakfast. Yes, it is great but I have to be fair, the Nexus 6 p was also and never argued.

I also thought that I would find myself with the classical layer BLU on Android ultramodificada and was not such. My hopes were growing, but along the way I found some details that hindered its use as daily phone, but now will talk about this.

For now, let’s go with the specifications

  • 6 inch display with 720 p resolution
  • Mediatek MT6737 processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD
  • Android Marshmallow
  • Main 13 megapixel camera and aperture f/2.2
  • Front 5 megapixel camera with flash
  • Battery 4900mAh
  • Support for dual SIM

Some wrong decisions

Camera bump blu Studio XL 2

BLU Studio XL2 not is ugly, simply has a design with which we are familiar. The back cover is removable (but not the battery). This cover is a nice rough material that allows that fingerprints are not marked and gives grip fantastic phone, which is essential in a team of this size.

Some time ago we reviewed the 5 live and its 5.5-inch screen simply looked good. Strangely in this, despite having half-inch do not walk so badly even with 720 p resolution. Lack of pixelaje is not so evident, the colors are correct, although opaque, and perhaps missing something light gain to the screen. Bright is hard to see it well.

Despite being a cute outfit, makes some design decisions that seem to be antojadizas and that I can not explain. Having both body and space advantage.

Parlante Studio BLU XL 2

Why is the speaker on the back? Even I am that it is good, even that sounds, but do not cost anything to be front. Another thing is the microUSB port… is up they will be wrong? It took me to find reasons to justify that.

Finally, it struck me that did not have a fingerprint reader, while the software encourages you use it when you fail with your pattern or PIN. A funny detail, a corner cut-out perhaps a little to fast.

Puerto mini usb BLU Studio XL 2

Only the basics and more

Wait no longer a ship of battle, the Studio XL 2 a softheaded giant as a combat aircraft carrier. Some heavy applications have slowdowns, including Facebook, which is paramount for several.

Even so, the Messenger WhatsApp and Telegram walk of acceptable form. The target group of the team is rinsing.

If you plan to run any game with a little bit of intensity, forget, does not run well. I got Candy Crush Saga to test if I was fluent and nor. I also tried to play Hearthstone; the computer was restarted. Mysteriously Waze and Google Maps work steadily, making it clear to the public that is addressed to this phone.

Good for the coat of Android! This time I not stumbled to Amazon and a gross amount of useless bloatware applications. The Studio 2 XL does not have that rare launcher with control center slide having the other BLU. It is very clean and is appreciated. Perhaps they left it almost intact to give you better performance.

Battery with good autonomy

If there is something that I must applaud is the battery. In other reviews we have seen as champions of battery as the Huawei Mate 9 last hopefully one day and others fail at 4 in the afternoon.

With the Studio XL 2 I went out to play Pokémon Go until the battery died and not succeeded. Using Waze, so intense with some interruptions, 4 hours on screen. With maximum brightness and listening to music from Spotify. In the end lasted a day and a half on average.

Cenital Blu Studio XL 2

Its promise of 3 days of battery most likely under someone that occupy it as normal.

Camera testimonial

BLU Studio XL 2

13-megapixel rear camera could be defined as a testimonial. It is because you must have, but honestly it reminds me of the iPhone 3 G, really, no more than that.

Or with good light to full sun is accomplished rely on focus, requires patience and pulse to have acceptable results. Nothing to add to the Macro, I at least served as a therapy against frustration.

At night it is almost impossible to take a decent photo and the front-facing camera is worse. It is curious that the front flash fires before the camera to take the picture because the system is very slow, by which almost means nothing.

With respect to video recording, assumes that you have electronic image stabilization, but I believe that it didn’t work well. Moreover, with some wind the microphone begins with small sound type “crack” of saturation.

Conclusion: more phone battery

For enthusiasts of the mobile as we I think that this team could serve as secondary to fulfill a specific task, how to use it for navigation while driving. Or perhaps the best friend who wants to spend a little money on a computer which is called, runs WhatsApp and battery that lasts a lot.

The Studio 2 XL is a basic, simple, aimed at those not interested the performance and then three specific things. For the price I think well: CLP $119.990 on their official website, in Mexico can be a MXN $4000 approximately same price as here. Its official price in United States is USD $120.

Logo BLU Studio XL 2

The good thing

  • Great battery life
  • Price
  • Decent despite being only 720 p screen

The bad

  • Mediocre performance
  • Cameras practically testimonials
  • Location of the speaker
  • Location of the loading port

Donut Blu Studio XL 2

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