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Review: Camera Samsung Gear 360 [FW Labs]

There is an old adage that says that the variety is the spice. And the universe of cameras is no exception: for every need, there is a team waiting for you. However, cameras that record in 360 degrees are there that nobody wants to explore, or at least not many people pay that attention. Today, the gadget that comes to stay with the Crown in this neighborhood – or at least, which has better advertising and an ecosystem back – is Samsung Gear 360, which presented a revamped version and, presumably, the height of the 2017.

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In essence, the 360 Gear consists of two 15 megapixel cameras capable of forming a dual image 360 degrees, or a simple image through 180 degrees with any of the two chambers. Resolution in dual video mode options are varied, beginning with an image of 4K to 24 frames per second arriving even up to 120 frames per second at 1440 x 720. Course, options may sound very pompous at first, but let us be honest: the quality of the video at low resolutions leaves a lot to be desired and seems that it exists only to satisfy some kind of fetish with slow motion that very few people will be used at the end of the day.

Gear 360 01

Instead, videos and high-resolution photos are an excellent dynamic range even in full sun and contain only Visual aberrations always to which we are accustomed as the GoPro Hero cameras. A low is your performance night or in low light, where the result enough leaves to be desired in terms of digital noise. Something that also we have to mention is its optical stabilization – or lack thereof – something that we miss much and that has not improved in terms of its previous version.

In terms of functionality, Gear 360 can record video, take pictures and make fast cameras if only, both in mode handheld as mounted on a tripod. It is a very varied camera and that tries to cover both home users and semi-professional segment. Samsung seems to want to expand your choices as much as possible, and with that we enter a dichotomy that is very important if you want to purchase this camera: Gear 360 belongs to an ecosystem of accessories of the Korean company, and while it is a gadget that works perfect if only, much of the experience need a high-end Samsung cell to have the functionality complete.

Why is it necessary to clarify this from the beginning? Perhaps you are one of those people seeking an action similar to a GoPro camera, and if you want to have a video in 360 degree that you can upload to Youtube you need – at least now – an S7 or S7 Edge of mandatory, as the material exported by the camera is not adapted to be uploaded to social networking or to see in perspective monoscopica from the first moment , and must be processed in a Samsung phone or a post-production program. The good news is that if your life revolves around accessories Samsung as the VR Gear, Gear 360 will be a very good source of media content in 360 degrees to complement your experience.

Gear 360 05

The 360 Gear will come to Chile to CLP $199,990 (something like USD $300), competing directly with action cameras and other alternative monoscopic.

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