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Review Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

When is is of judge wearable there are two types of people: which prefer a new look or which prefer “hide it” of some form to pass unnoticed, keeping the appearance of yesteryear but with the technology of the present. For them, the Samsung S3 Gear that serves that function.

Not I misunderstand, is evident that the functionality is important and talk of this more later, but when is is of an article that form part of the daily dress, is evident the made of that the product is of your pleasure. That combined with the rest of your clothes and lifestyle is deeply important.

The S3 Gear is a watch with the style and reminiscent of the g-shock from Casio: round, aggressive and robust. This is sweet and verjuice. Hand your front of the new Gorilla Glass, besides them edges outstanding it make a beast protecting the screen from scratches and hits. On the other hand, its weight, thickness and construction materials make you know about entry which is a gadget that can withstand rough treatment. If it yours is another style, the band plastic and hard that comes included is easily interchangeable for any of 22 mm.


And is that this clock smart is directed to that public, to who leave, to which are where the Earth flies and the water hits. Has resistance to the water and dust with certification IP68 (up to 1.5 metres). In my case not me gave problems in the shower and pool, but not it would get to the sea. The inclusion of an altimeter and of a barometer it make obviously a product focused to the hikers, and they that need of battery.

In my time, lasted a day and a half with the always on screen, and close to three days with the option that is set only lifted. The included charging dock reminiscent of the bike 360 and that is a good thing. It is transportable, convenient and functional, additionally loaded fast enough.

Samsung got everything here in, so much so there is an LTE version that can dispense with that you upload to your phone. In my case, the Wi-Fi version was enough to be independent enough to download applications, games and covers without having to use the cell phone.


Regard to the applications and covers, the Gear S3 is endowed of the last version of Tizen, the system operating own of Samsung. Not all applications, unless they are proprietary TouchWiz – Samsung ecosystem – are well optimized. The amount of applications and games are feels limited, despite count with a community enthusiastic that is has charge of provide little but quite well attained.

What is pleasant when a brand manufactured a product where both hardware and software is of them, is that integration is spectacular. Navigate through the interface is simple and intuitive, much better accomplished experience in any other smartwatch to date. In the S2 Gear was almost the same, so if it’s not broken there is no how to fix it.



At the end and all he wants to do the smartwatch is good. I can read and answer almost all kinds of alerts, I can talk through it and it is also an excellent quantifier of physical activity, with the exception of some nights where marked that he was jogging at 4 am. I don’t know if I had extremely strong nightmares or if the clock goes to walk alone at night. The display looks spectacular, don’t expect anything less than a Samsung device in this aspect. Even full sunlight is sharp.

It is on the side of expensive things, but believe me, is the best intelligent to date if you are using Android, and if it is compatible with iOS now already, I would have to see how such integration, but if work such as in the Green robot operating system, would recommend it to eyes closed who wants an excellent piece wearable.

The good news:

-Exceptional battery life
-Look stylish and at the same time stiff
-High customization
-High independence of the phone
-Exceptional screen
-Interface and comprehensive and intuitive operating system
-Interchangeable strap through any of the market

The bad:

-Very thick. If you use long sleeves shirt, I assure you it will be a problem
-The price in our region feels rather high
-Very, but very heavy for the taste of the majority of people (63 grams)

Price and availability of the S3 Frontier Gear

Gear S3 Frontier is achieved in Chile at a suggested price of CLP $299.990 (USD $444) and in Mexico will be yours by MXN $6990 (USD $331) WiFi version.

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