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Risky vacuums of LG ad


This is not a story that makes direct reference to gadgets that we usually see on the website of the LG signature. In this case it’s an ad for two vacuums led to the end by the professional climber Sierra Blair-Coyle, an LG building and their vacuum cleaners.

The truth is that it’s a spectacular video by several things, but featured are the expertise of the own climber to win by crystals of 33 floors and own force of sucked that have vacuum cleaners. These are obviously modified for the occasion and it’s new brand, CordZero Cykingmodel.

If you modify the vacuum cleaners to make this dizzying escalation, and it goes well, you can give you satisfied. The truth is that toes with a pedaleta holding the climbing using two vacuum cleaners as a backpack that has a kind of suction cup to glass that holds their hands and these in turn her. Logically all testing is performed with greater security measures possible, but do not recommend anyone or attempt to do this in your home. This is the test video:

Click here to see the video

The truth is that the strength of vacuum is which is and there is no trick, that if the climber also has its share of merit to Crown the building of 33 plants in just 30 minutes. The video that has become viral on the net has achieved the goal of visits without appearing on television.

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