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Rocket League: Game of The Year Edition comes to PS4 and PC

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The development of Rocket League team just announced good news, and is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC a new edition of the game, the Rocket League: Game of The Year Edition, which includes all the DLCs in the single package. It’s a game, for you do not know, which consists of soccer (and also the basketball) played with a giant ball, moved through a series of vehicles radio control of all kinds. It is a really addictive game, implausible, and simple theme that did not leave anyone indifferent, above all when it is offered for free with PlayStation Plus.

This game brings the DLCs included: Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos UK, including at the same time a lot of objects of aesthetic character for it. This edition of the game will cost 24,95€, which represents a saving total of 7€ if bought by separate. But this not is it only offer important of the Black Friday in PlayStation Store, by that want that are quite attentive to an article that will be launching tomorrow about the offers more interesting that can find.

Rocket League is a game multiplayer and online that has with a huge amount of users, by what ever you will get bored of play. In addition, for PlayStation 4, has with a trophy Platinum of them more affordable that can find, i.e., is in many cases the first access to a title Platinum of many users, since practically it can get playing without stop in games multiplayer without give us has. Sincerely, as player’s PlayStation 4 not can leave of recommend this game, although in his day was free in PlayStation Plus, the game is considerably cheap containing those DLCs.

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