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Rockstar eliminates the “Armored Kuruma” glitch in GTA V Online and creates controversy

Grand Theft Auto V is certainly a game that is marking time. Already when left, many had hopes deposited in it, and so was. The game became one of the most spectacular audiovisual productions of the story and the audience responded. But last the “effect boom”, still having pulled, his mode online attracts to many players and these are delighted with it, or were. And is that Rockstar has solved one of the “errors” of the game more popular and making you earn money easily, which has generated controversy and has caused discomfort for many users.

For who not knew the trick, consists in go to the garage just after run a mugging in the game of form perfect, and give us to the leak in our Kuruma shielded, instead of in the motorcycle. Thus, the protection rises much and the ability to run it successfully increase exponentially.

However, on January 26 arrived which is currently the latest update available for GTA Online, and pretty little soon users realize that this trick to win a million dollars in GTA is gone.

This has generated controversy both in networks and on Steam. Users have expressed that they will now seek more vigorously the possibility of cheating in the game, although sincerely. Must have in has that Rockstar includes updates and modes of game of form constant and free, something that not can tell other companies like Capcom, by put an example. They simply solve a way to make money that was not too ethical. From my point of view, isn’t anything just complain about it, but also the forums games and meeting places are aware of the controversy.

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