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Ronaldo has his own team of e-sports and League of Legends

Ronaldo Nazario, better known as “the phenomenon”, or as I would say José Mourinho: “of truth” has joined a fashion that increasingly wins more adherents, that of e-sports. Here at Gadget News we want you abreast of relevant developments in this area, and you have allowed news as that e-sports already generated more viewers than events as the cup of HM the King. The last mixed physical sport and sport digital, and is that Ronaldo Nazario yesterday presented his own team of League of Legends, setting a precedent in this respect are seeing more elite athletes joining the digital sports?

The star who played at FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF issued yesterday live corresponding to the acquisition of CNB press conference e-Sports, the most popular League of Legends from Brazil team, and which undoubtedly will grow more if possible with the support of an international soccer star such as Ronaldo Nazario, who also will attract a good number of sponsors as well as important contacts and international relations. In this way, CNB e-Sports aims to make a qualitative leap in their commercial relations, enabling them to participate more, and better, to grow as a team.

The CNB team has wanted to be held together in this regard, making it clear that this change in direction will not cause changes in the members of the team. In addition, Ronaldo Nazario confessed in the press conference that has dared to make a few first steps with the League of Legends, could this mean that we soon will see competing also in digital sport, you never know. In short, e-Sports are increasingly more representation, and related characters in any field are making it clear that digital sport is a clear bet for the future, and that even Elon Musk (Tesla Motors CEO) likes to throw their vices to the Overwatch.

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