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Rumors are Apple Watch Series 3 presentation in September

We are seeing a handful of news related to Apple these days is that after talking plans for the future that have with the Mac, the rumors about the release of the third version of the smart watch company are on the table also. In this case we are talking about which would be the Apple Watch Series 3, a new model of the Apple that watch as it seems it would add more battery to the whole, possibly LTE data connection that would allow the device to be much more independent from the iPhone and also it is said that it can incorporate a camera.

So far we have on the table various sources claiming that Apple is already working on a new version of the smart watch, leaving initially parked the theme of the design which only vary if hardware components mentioned above not be added to the current design. But no expected major changes in the design of the clock that it is true that not is selling everything as well who would in Cupertino despite being one of the best selling smart watches.

Apple Watch was launched a couple of years, specifically in the month of April 2015 and since then has evolved enough by adding the GPS or the water-resistant up to 50 meters, but in what more to improved device Apple is certainly in your software. Now expected this new model of Apple Watch is a little more independent of the iPhone with Cellular connectivity, but this is something that simply rumored and shall be aware of the following news or rumors to see that you there’s certain about it.

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