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Russia would be working on its own system of shuttle-type Hyperloop

Hyperloop Rusia

Elon Musk to show to the public his idea to create a set of futuristic transportation under the name of Hyperloop which is could travel vast distances in a very short time, we have been architects of the birth of two new companies which, in the United States, would already be working and testing for their development. What they did not expect is that in Russia would be interested in the project to the point of be considering making your own Hyperloop to connect the northern and southern part of the country as well as the East and West of it.

This information has been released by the RBC, a news service, which reports that the first stretch of this novel system of transportation would unite the terminals located in Moscow Baltic Sea port. Once enabled this stretch, in Russia, they could work on the deployment of a new line capable of connecting the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg , to put you in perspective, about 700 kilometers separating them.

According to Anatoly Zaitsev, director of the center of development of the innovation of train from St. Petersburg to the Russian news channel RBC has communicated:

The cost of the project to Western standards is of 21 billion dollars, from agreement to our standards would be a cost of the half, between 12 and 13 billion. Probably Russia is prepared like no other country in the implementation of this project. Hyperloop project, similar works have been out long ago. We hope any steps in that direction? In principle, Yes, and our transport 2030 Strategy reflects the use of new advances in the field of transport, including new means of transport.

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