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S8 and S8 + Galaxy users report problems with wireless Chargers

The Galaxy S8 and S8 + Galaxy represent doubt Samsung return to the major leagues. However, this generation has not been free of problems, and has now emerged a new predicament with its wireless charging system.

It turns out that a significant number of users have begun to manifest themselves in the Samsung forums, and even in XDA, to talk about a problem you are having with their Qi Chargers or wireless Chargers, in Galaxy S8 and S8 + showing unable to fill your battery fast charge function, and even in some cases do not work at all.

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The problem seems to that you limited to shippers of past generations, which show different error messages when trying to use with the new terminal, manufactured or not by Samsung.

In contrast, those boots new Qi, developed exclusively for the Galaxy S8 are running smoothly.

Samsung has not said anything about this incident.

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