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SAIP, the app that alerts in case of attack on the euro 2016


On the occasion of the UEFA 2016 this summer and the terrorist threat so present in our day to day, has launched an application for Android devices and iOS that is basically in order to alert the users in the event of a terrorist attack or threat. SAIP, which is the acronym of the application name (System of alert and information to the population) began to take shape during the fateful attacks in the French capital of a few months ago and today has been released in an official way for everyone in the app stores.

This application that performs the location of registrants, will keep users safe in the event of attack and have an easy, simple and effective way to stay informed at all times of what happened. after the UEFA application will also serve to warn potential natural and similar disasters.

The operation is simple and allows geographically locate us in the event of suspicion of attack and will advise the safe places to go at that precise moment, how well indicates the own French Interior Ministry. SAIP, is completely safe in regards to the personal data of users who choose to download it and use it, so our data privacy is ensured according to the authorities of the country.

The app works by alerts and they describe what happened and measures we have to take your receipt. For safe application will not vibrate or sound, so in case of being in a compromising situation will not alert to possible terrorists are taking the necessary security measures. The truth is that it puts the creeps to see this kind of applications, but is an interesting and important initiative for these times in which we find ourselves.

SAIP (AppStore Link)


Ministère de l’ intérieur

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