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Sale of mobile phones in Chile surpasses two million units in 2016

As has happened with other markets in the world, the sale of cellphones in Chile has begun to stagnate, according to a report issued by the consulting firm IDC, since she reported that during the first quarter of this 2016 the distribution of smart phones exceeded 2 million units, representing an increase of 3.3% compared to the same date in 2015.

In this regard, the analyst of IDC, Cristian Pena, consumer mobile devices explained that “the market has interesting competition, as it has grown in a stable and healthy way.” The bidders are looking for spaces of participation and there are others who are giving space, which delivers dynamic.”

On the other hand, the so-called “feature phones” and hopefully had low sales shrinking 18% between Q1 2015 and 2016 Q1, although there is still a market mainly leveraged by mobile lines which are intended only for use in voice and for users who prefer the physical to the touch screen buttons.

With regard to the scope of the wearables, the consultant reported that it is still a fledgling sector, in view of the lack of applications or unique and differentiating attributes of which exists today.

On the other hand, Tablets have presented a strong contraction, as a result of the reduction of teams “ultra lowprice” (under USD$ 509). A phenomenon that explains, for example, that two years ago in its beginnings was sold 492 thousand units, while currently sales have reached the 210 thousand, a drop of 57%.

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