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Samsung announces strategic changes in order to increase the value of the company


Samsung not crosses his best time, after some dreamed up failures as was the launch and subsequent withdrawal of the market of the Galaxy Note 7. To improve the situation from makes weeks leading hearing talk of the possibility of that it company South Korean is divide in two companies different (a holding hand and a company operational by the other), with the objective of increase the value total.

What until makes well little was a rumor, seems that is taking form and is that Samsung has announced of form official that has hired personal external for analyze the situation current and choose the best structure corporate. Briefly, we could say that Samsung is its division into two different companies.

“We are committed to improve the value sustainable to long term for our shareholders and to continue being good managers of capital.” “Them ads of today extend the actions that started the year last and represent the next phase in the evolution of our Government and political of shareholders”

These words carry the signature of Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics that also has announced that this process of analysis of the situation will last 6 months, for a time finished take a decision to the respect.

At the moment we have to wait to see where Samsung walks in the near future, but everything suggests that it would try to increase its current value, divided into two different companies, although we imagine that without ever losing its essential.

Do you think that Samsung will finally make the decision to split into two separate, but closely linked companies?.

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