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Samsung changed the resolution by default of the Galaxy S7 in the beta of Nougat to 1080 p

Cambiar resolución

Perhaps, that an update is late may have its advantages, such as the S6, although always tends to be negative for users who see them and want them to have these new developments that have come in the larger version of Android launched at the time.

An of the advantages can be what happened with the program beta of Android Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. And it is that this has come with a striking feature and it has 1080 p resolution Full HD as it comes by default instead of the QuadHD.

This change has been done silently and presumably being in beta, it may be subject to such changes. With regard to the change of resolution, really does not a very visible effect at the interface of the phone. In fact, the transition from FHD QHD in a 5.1-5.5 inch screen is practically newsworthy by an eye that is not trained to do so.

While is expected that Samsung confirm and explain the reason for this change, the explanation more logical is that Gets a lower consumption of resources. Fewer pixels means less use of data and the CPU, which leads to one lower battery use. At least this should be so, since significant improvements are not being the life of the battery.

Anyway, the apps are able to use that resolution QHD, while the user interface is maintained in the 1080 p. Also need to know that this change has occurred while in the Android Nougat beta program for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which means that it could be subject to last minute changes and QHD resolution outside the reigning when it launched the final version for this phone.

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