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Samsung confirms that it will launch the Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 7

The theme of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues today kicking and is that, according to a report from the Reuters Agency, the South Korean company has users who have chosen a Galaxy S7 to replace its Note 7 and are within this replacement program from Samsung, they will have the option to choose the next Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 where this is submitted during the coming year.

The problem of the new Note 7 is really serious and many of us think when they stopped making them by the problems encountered, the Galaxy Note range despareceeria, but nothing is further from reality. According to this release them users of Korea of the South that want to stay is with a Note 8 can do it provided delivered their terminals of replacement.

This new news us offers something of clarity to the issue on if the signature will leave or not the manufacturing of this range of devices, but not us clarifies if these phablet cross them borders for be released to level world or is will be in its country of origin. Note 8 is a good way to gain trust or missing then that most dissatisfied users with the brand continue trusting in it, but obviously with a new Galaxy S8.

Now it is necessary that those who continue to have today a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hurry to ask for replacement or the money of the same. This is something that all users have to do without exception but it seems that some users still have the phablet despite the appeal of the firm to return them. Continue tuned them news about this possible change by a Galaxy Note 8, what would confirm that this range of product not is leaves of form final despite it happened.

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