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Samsung could give the Galaxy S8 to affected by the Note 7

At a point of crisis where up to the President of the United States makes jokes about the Galaxy Note 7, start to circulate the first rumors about what will make Samsung to make good the damage with the expected Galaxy S8, where some reports even say that they could give it completely free.

In accordance with claims of alleged informants, published in Hankyung (via SamMobile), Samsung is preparing an aggressive program of rewards for the launch of the Galaxy S8, in where those users that acquired in its time a Galaxy Note 7 would have right to obtain without cost the new smartphone to the time of its launch, even if already are using another terminal of replacement currently.

Sounds attractive, but is contrasts relatively with the new program official of incentives for Korea of the South, announced officially by Samsung, in where the users of a Galaxy Note 7 already can acquire a Galaxy S7 with a discount of the 50%, and the right to change it in 2017 by a Galaxy S8, paying only the remnants of difference between the price of list of the model current against the of his successor.

Both compensation plans are attractive, although the second, and official, sounds more sensible, without exposing to Samsung to still greater losses of those already generated.

The spring of 2017 we will confirm if Samsung will go so far as to completely give their S8 Galaxy, in order to regain the trust of its users.

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