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Samsung could manufacture the 830 Snapdragon Qualcomm

Snapdragon 830

Many are the negotiations that are are leading to out these last days in Korea. Such is the case, according to media of quite reputation of the country, apparently Samsung and Qualcomm could have State negotiating them last weeks for the first is entrust of the manufacturing of all them Snapdragon 830 that can arrive to the market. As a reminder, comment you that this chip will be the responsible of move to virtually all the range high in 2017.

One of them main problems that has Qualcomm, apparently, to manufacture the new Snapdragon 830 apparently lies in the machinery and huge investment that should perform if wants that you chip is in time. Speak of processes of 10 nm, a technology that while not is exclusive of Samsung, if that is in hands of this so, arrive to an agreement in the manufacturing of this processor, was something very necessary.

Expected Samsung will be the charge of manufacture all those chips Snapdragon 830 that arrive to the market.

As is reported in your time from Qualcomm, the new Snapdragon 830 is the processor called to be relay generational of the 821, called as the processor more powerful in the world. To achieve this transition, must be a quantitative leap in terms of capacity that should be in the hands of a new leap that improve qualitatively the same efficiency and above all its consumption.

Due to this is made very necessary the bet by them 10 nanometers, a technology that opens a new door within the technology of manufacturing of processors. As detail, comment you that, according to the source of this news, today day Samsung could be in disposal of the technology necearía for manufacture chips of 5 gauges, what not means that is go to use that technology in the next Galaxy S8 or that the company Korean, by manufacture the Snapdragon 830, leave of use in this terminal the chip Exynos , a processor developed and manufactured entirely by them.

More information: GSMArena

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