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Samsung dazzles with its new SSD 100 times smaller than the traditional


Samsung has just announced that after several months of research they have finally started to produce the first SSD NVMe up to 512 GB in a single package BGA (Ball Grid Array). This type of encapsulation is notable for using welding and heating of pellets of Tin plate base and microprocessors. With all of the above, basically what says the Korean company is that they have managed to put in a tiny space, a high-performance controller, a 4 Gb LPDDR4 20 gauges mobile DRAM and no less than 16 V-48 layers of 256 Gb NAND.

Thanks to this integration in a tiny size literally has been reducing the size of an SSD or traditional 2.5 HDD inches in about 100 times or up to 5 times of SSD M.2 a much more current and used today. As insurance will be thinking, use of this type of memory unit capabilities are more than interesting Oh we are talking about a size about 20 x 16 x 1.5 mm and a weight of just 1 gram.


One of the sections that may worry the companies that want to use this type of memories or users, can be the maximum speeds of reading and writing of this chip, we know that by very small, if finally benefits are not suitable, no point in an industry where the files that must be stored each time are higher and the speed to recover them must be quite high. In this paragraph the new Samsung SSD stands out for its 1500 MB/s reading and 900 MB/s write, speed more than interesting, especially if we bear in mind that SSD with greater capacity of the Korean firm currently offers speeds of reading and writing of 1200 MB/s.

Translating this data into an example that we can understand more easily, we talked about that I would take about 6 seconds to transfer a Full-HD 5 GB movie to this hard drive. At the moment little or more is known about these new Samsung SSD that once reaching the market officially during the month of June, will be offered in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB although, as he has been said, they hope to expand the catalogue at end of this year.

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