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Samsung denies any defect on the screen of the Galaxy S8

Since it launched the Galaxy S8 and S8 + in Korea the problems started. The users claimed that their units had a reddish tone on their screens, one that neither trying to correct software could get.

The issue escalated so much that the company promised a software update to fix the problem, but now they contradict with his latest statements.

In statements made by the company to The Investor in Korea, Samsung ensures that:

Given the nature of the Super AMOLED screens, there may be natural differences in color. Users can optimize the color depending on your preferences.

This continues to be true, but there are indeed users who can give you a neutral tone to your terminal, compared to other teams or with the offered tools

reddish galaxy s8

Anyway the company is receiving toll technical services teams that are, supposedly, affected to try them to calibrate the engineers of the company.

We hope with all my heart that when the team around here, this is no longer subject.

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