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Samsung does not kill the series Note

In a turn unexpected events, and contrary to previous reports which suggested, it seems that Galaxy Note line will be not buried in oblivion, following the complicated lived episode this 2016 with Galaxy Note 7.

In accordance with a report exclusive of Business Korea, a representative official of a company partner of Samsung in the sector e, just of declare that indeed the South Korean is working already to launch the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy Note 8 Edge the next month of April. Same date in which they speculated the revelation of the new Galaxy S8:

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung will integrate resolution 2 K on their screens, but will use displays with resolution 4 K for the Galaxy Note 8, so can use is functions improved of reality virtual.

Samsung, as it would be expected has not confirmed or denied anything about this matter. However the distribution of resolution designated by the reporting sounds sensible. At the same time that says that there will be a new Samsung Gear VR, a pen electronic and the new Assistant virtual Bixby.

To comply with the agenda of speculations, by the end of this month of January Samsung will officially end with the Galaxy Note 7 research and will present its new terminals during the month of April.

The question now is if they will be revealed at the same time as the Galaxy S8.

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