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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Add a dual camera in the rear

Note 5

We are close to seeing the new phablet of Samsung, Galaxy Note 7 and rumors of what they can bring this terminal in terms of specifications continue to reach the network. This is the case of the new rumor that we come here to share with all of you and that speaks of a dual camera at the rear of the new Note 7.

Samsung has a lot of models today but has none with a dual camera, so not it surprise us pointing this hardware in the new phablet option. Other brands that compete directly with Samsung already use them, see the new LG G5, Huawei P9 or even rumors about the next iPhone that could add this dual camera.

Today attaches much importance to the smartphone camera that we use, practically served how camera for our memories, travel, moments in family, etc… So have a good camera at a premium device is important and Samsung does not want to be left behind with this. In principle and when missing two months to officially announced the new Galaxy Note 7, we cannot confirm, but sure that keep coming rumors and leaks about it to the network.

The truth is that we have no official confirmation that will be called how Samsung Galaxy Note 7 since the rumors and leaks always focus more on the specifications of the terminal where the porpio name. But in any case it would be a good thing provide this spectacular terminal of a dual camera on the back of it.

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