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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 edge can be seen in a leak coming from the India

Galaxy Note 5

Summer is approaching and with it time spend big on the beach in the Sun, but we also approach at the time of the presentation of new devices, that if the accounts do not fail us will begin when the Sun begins to warm somewhat less. All hope that Apple move tab with the new iPhone 7, but also a new Member of the family Galaxy Note Samsung.

However on this occasion we have far from clear what we can see is that some rumors are running we will not see a Galaxy Note 6 and if for example a Galaxy Note 7, which would also arrive on an Edge version with curved screen. This model has already be listed in a database of import from India.

Appeared model is the phone model SM-N935G, which would correspond with a Galaxy Note 7 edge. Models Galaxy Note are the code SM-N930, whose edge version tends to end in 5. Therefore many already say without hesitation that the South Korean company is preparing a new Note that on this occasion you will once again have a curved screen.

Galaxy Note 7

At the moment only we have speculation and to confirm these rumors officially we will have to wait a few weeks, although the waiting in the Sun, surely will be Lake more enjoyable.

Do you think that Samsung will be directly a Galaxy Note 7 in Edge version?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present and eager to be able to debate with you on this and many other topics.

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