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Samsung has sold 5 million of Gear VR

The year that we have done, has been the year in which virtual reality has given the starting gun, virtual reality that has come to hand of Oculus and HTC. The prices of these devices, being the first commercial models available on the market, they are not exactly cheap. But also they also require a more powerful equipment than usual, so if we put the head in full with this new technology, we will have that in addition buy equipment, making us a strong enough team as to move the games available today.

But you don’t have to invest large amounts of money if we begin to give the first pine trees in this type of virtual reality. Currently on the market, we can find a large number of glasses, to which adding the smartphone, we can enjoy videos on 360 degrees, are not games, but for begin to see the possibilities of this technology are initially.

Among all the sunglasses available on the market, Samsung are which offers us a model, Gear VR with further benefits, although logically, only compatible with the latest models from Korean manufacturer. Samsung has just announced as part of the Consumer Electronic Show taking place in Las Vegas, that the number of glasses of virtual reality that the company has placed on the market amounts to five million units.

These figures could be desvirtualizadas, whenever the company is launching a new device, within the period of reservation, usually offer free the VR Gear to the first users who book device. Over time and as lower price this type of device, which are situated around 100 euros, this type of glasses will become the day of many millions of users.

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