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Samsung invades the Oscar Awards 2017 with four new ads

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Although the ceremony of them awards Oscar of 2017 will pass to the history by that unexpected time to the end, where Moonlight resulted winner, if all had occurred normally probably more people would speak of the intervention of Samsung during them spaces for ads commercial in the awards.

It’s four promotional, each focused on a different company nuance. From the ad formal of their new system of tests of security to their batteries, passing by an advertisement of its platform of reality virtual, other more formal of their systems of quality and for close with one evocative to them own Oscars, but with videos of YouTube.

Is quite clear that the strategy advertising of Samsung here sought focus is in improve the printing on their systems of control of quality and safety, after the incident with the Galaxy Note 7, while that sought put is in tune with the tone of the ceremony.

By misfortune the Galaxy S8 shone by its absence in all those ads.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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