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Samsung is offering free pizza if you update your mobile

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Several users of the India have confirmed the fact and although it seems unusual, if you look carefully, the promotion makes sense. Apparently several users have seen as at their mobiles appeared coupons for the value of one or more pizzas after upgrading your mobile.

This would be not isolated but that Samsung would be testing a new program to encourage updates between its users. The India would be the first country to experience this program but possibly vouchers to expand through all the devices of Samsung with my Galaxy application.
The truth is that currently there are many users who do not want to update their devices or do it after several days of release for fear of what the new update can do to your device or custom settings. It is the fear that Android will change its update system to improve this and create a partition on the device where the new updates will be stored and will be applied after restart of the terminal.

Coupons for pizza seems to be part of a new program of Samsung among its users

Samsung users have the same fear and maybe that Samsung is why has launched this program updates and rewards that promotes the safety of their terminals and also improve the performance, performance that often leaves much to be desired by your software. They are updates of the Samsung Galaxy S6 that not only fixes bugs but that solves the problems of battery having the initial Android version.

Personally I think that companies know Android as well that it is almost impossible that our terminal has a bad update and run several days with it. There is always a quick fix if that occurs and is therefore always recommend upgrading to the latest possible version, now, with Samsung think that you required more that ever because it gives you a pizza.

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